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The National World War II Glider Pilots Association, Inc.

Note to members: The dues notices have been sent out. Please send your dues to Charles Day, PO Box 439, Lambertville, MI 48144. Do not use the address on the envelop, that was a printing error that was not caught in the proofing.

This is the official site of the Association with headquarters at 4037 Ringdove Way, Roanoke, TX 76262, is a 501(c)(19) non-profit veterans organization consisting of World War II Glider Pilot members who earned the MOS 1026 and the Glider Pilots wings. Other individuals may apply for affiliation by virtue of their interest in, contributions to, the general goals and purposes of the association. As the total Troop Carrier population has declined significantly, we have invited those former Troop Carrier Group veterans who wish to continue the fellowship of annual reunions to join with us as affiliates. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate as member of the Silent Wings Museum, print and fill out our registration form or you may contact by e-mail George I. Theis, National Treasurer, for an application or call (719) 338-6487. Please be sure to list your mailing address.

Over 6000 individuals were trained as glider pilots and earned their wings with MOS 1026. Approximately 150 dues paying glider pilots and Troop Carrier Veterans still participate in the activities although their numbers are declining with ages in the 89 to 96 year group.

Widows, legatees and other interested persons may continue the deceased glider pilot's participation if so desired as affiliates and members of the Silent Wings Museum. The glider pilots are proud of their silver wings with the large letter “G” which they note really stands for GUTS. It took guts to fly the glider beyond enemy lines on a one-way mission.

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